Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Reception's dress : Fiziwoo


"Less is more, and more is never enough". - Fiziwoo

Never heard about Fiziwoo until the owner or Butik Citra at Ampang Point (forgot the designer's name), told me that Fiziwoo has the best workmanship without having a spend a bomb on a wedding dress. 

I try to make my reception's dress looks different from my nikah's dress since both going to be white. Kenapa dress putih juga? For me, putih nampak classic for a wedding. It never goes out of style. Sampai bile2 pun putih tu sentiasa cantik! Such an evergreen colour. 

Mermaid cut dress
The fabric is white Camelia lace with 4 meters length veil! Tabah sangat bawa veil panjang2! Tapi ni memang impian aku! Weee. Hehehe. Guest what, 3 days before the big day, I cried. What is the best way to express the feeling seeing one gorgeous dress with little bling2? I never would imagined the dress gonna be that lovely with the beautiful veil. 

Boutique Fiziwoo
3 days before big day, muka tak cukup rehat.
Last fitting - pukul 10pm. Haha
On 31th August 2014,

The detailing

In love with the veil :')

Camelia Lace
Crystal dangling on top of dress. 

4 meters length veil. Tabah yer aku! 

Thank you Fizi & Khai! You made my day! 

Boutique: Fiziwoo
Address: Fiziwoo Atelie, D7 Sentul East
Contact: 018 2184688

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